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Davina Michelle

ALL IS OURS Tee Combi - Limited Edition

ALL IS OURS Tee Combi - Limited Edition

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All Is Ours is about love and spending your time with everyone who makes your life richer. 
And time is like money, because you can only spend it once and if you spend it well, it can make you very happy. 
All Is Ours is about the balance between time and money. A big, expensive kitchen doesn't make me happy if no one comes to eat. What’s a fancy car, if you always drive it alone. Or a new pair of shoes, if no one wants to go into town with me on a Saturday evening to ruin them...

Money makes you happy if you can afford what you need, love is the real luxury.


– Limited Edition
– 100% cotton
– 190 grams
– round neck
– screen printed front, screen printed back
– official Davina merchandise

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