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Davina Michelle

I SAID NO SIR Tee - Limited Edition

I SAID NO SIR Tee - Limited Edition

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I don't know any women who haven’t been sexually intimidated.
By a group of boys in class, calling you a slut. By drunk perverts on a night out, who think it's OK to grab your butt. By that boss or colleague who is just a bit too friendly, but you keep quiet because you don't want to cause drama. Being shamelessly checked out at the gym, only to be told that you are the one who should be ashamed because of the leggings you wear.
Yeah, blame my leggings…
And if you speak up, you're whining, asking for it or doing it for attention. After all, you can't say anything these days... Don’t blame your lack of self-control on me or my clothes. Choose your battles. I choose zero tolerance.

'NO' is a complete sentence and I SAID NO SIR


– Limited Edition
– 100% cotton
– 230 grams
– round neck
– direct to garment (DTG) front print
– official Davina merchandise

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